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Product Information

Design and Printing Process

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Product Information 

General Information:
  • Each card design ordered, includes 8 cards.  Additional cards can be ordered in the Additional Items section of the store.
  • All cards are printed on premium photo paper.
  • Handcrafted with 4-6 layers of high-quality materials to ensure superior feel and stiffness.  Minimum 40 pt thickness; more than double the thickness of standard cards today.  
  • Option to upgrade to holographic or cracked ice for even further specialization.  Examples of the upgrade options can be seen on the product pages.  
  • Cards are ordered by the pack which contains 8 cards.
Autograph Card Option:
  • Modified to include a space for athletes to sign their own cards. 
  • We recommend using blue sharpie markers to ensure a clear permanent signature on all card surfaces (standard, holographic or cracked ice). 
Ultimate Custom Card Option:
  • This is an option to work with our design team to come up with an even more unique design for your child. Please reach out to us at to discuss your proposed design and we will get back with you on feasibility and price.

Design Submittal

Ordering and submitting player information is performed on a single page in the “Design Card” portion of the shop. As part of this process, you will also select the type of card (standard, cracked ice, or holographic).  There are 8 cards included with each design.  Additional cards and card protectors can be purchased from the Additional Items section of the store.   
Player Information:
Each design page specifies required information. Please make sure information is correct at the time of adding to the cart as this will be what we use to create the card.  Most cards have an option to write up a short biography of the player (about 400 characters).  Please feel free to write your own or ask us to do so within the text box with any key points you would like us to include in the write up.  You will get a chance to review when we send the proof for your review, prior to printing.
Player Picture:
Each design page includes an area for uploading your player photo which will be done at the time of adding to the cart.
Card Type and Quantity:
The card type (standard, cracked ice or holographic) is selected on each product page at the time of adding to the cart.  

There are 8 cards included with each design.  If you would like additional cards, they can be purchased in the Additional Items section of the store.
Ultimate Custom Card Option:
Prior to purchasing this option, please reach out to us at to discuss your proposed design. We will confirm with you the feasibility and the associated pricing for the work. Once we have confirmed the details, proceed with the checkout accordingly.
Design Process:
We will take your photo and player information and do the necessary editing to convert it into your selected design.
Design Review:
After our designers complete their quality check, we will email you a proof of the card for approval. Upon your approval, we will initiate the printing process and start constructing your cards.
Printing and Card Construction:
Approximate turnaround time to finalize construction is 1-3 business days following approval of the proof.
Once the cards have been constructed, they will be loaded into plastic sleeves for protection and carefully packaged into our shipping boxes. You will receive an email notification with the tracking information once the cards go out for shipment.

Domestic carrier will be USPS.  International carrier will be selected at the time of shipment based on best available.

General Questions / Topics

Hall of Fame:
We will occasionally create a video montage of cards created as way to feature our stars. If you would like to have your child inducted into our Hall Of Fame, please click yes at the time of adding your card to the cart and indicate the name you would like on the card. By default, we will use our standard name, Chase Jefferson.

Feedback and Contact Us

Please provide us with your feedback. Like your athletes, we love to hear what we are doing well, but we would also like to know where we can improve so we can take our game to the next level!

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